"The Restoration Has Begun" hoodie The Prophecy of the Final Empire
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"The Restoration Has Begun" pink hoodie

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Is the end of the world just around the corner? Bible prophecies are unfolding just as they were written thousands of years ago but most are blind to their fulfillment. Who is the Beast and the man of sin mentioned in scripture? Is he of European blood from the revived Roman Empire or is he Islamic from the Middle East? What roles will both play in the coming years?
Parables and the Kingdom Secrets to a Successful Marriage, pt. 1
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Donation: $5.00

Did the Messiah use parables to make his messages clearer or did these parables actually hide the real meaning in complex biblical codes?

Pastor Randy discusses in this three-part DVD set how good marriages succeed and bad marriages fail. The Bible has much insight on the roles of the husband and the wife. Discover biblical marriage and how following scripture you can improve your marriage and your life!
Does His Name Matter?
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On this program we discuss the importance of the name of "god," Yahweh. Why did His name become lost? What does his name mean to him and his character. Why using the name Yahweh is so important to have a relationship with him. Why his name distinguishes him from other faiths, religions and gods.